Wow, this section has been impossible to write, because how do I summarize myself in a few paragraphs without it sounding like a biodata?! (my complexion is ‘dark’ by the way). I try not to take myself too seriously, poke fun at the crazy situations that life throws at me, and live life as though it’s an adventure. I often say that I am the luckiest girl in the world. I live in Canada, the most beautiful country on the planet. I have the most amazing family – we are on a daily chat group that never ceases to make me laugh. I have friends that are out of this world, that love me so much (‘so much so that my love for you would fill this room a thousand times’ one of my friends said to me the other day).

I am a person who loves being around others, and I also revel in my solitude. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting on my sofa and watching the moonlight hit the water, listening to jazz or hip-hop, dancing for hours on end, singing, and reading books. I’ve had the most beautiful experiences in solitude. I love to listen to CBC radio documentaries, learning about topics that move me to my core. Some of my favourite documentaries are “Beauty Will Save the World” and “A Vindication of Love”.

I love to travel. I’ve visited over 30 countries, and hope to visit many more. There is nothing like the feeling of being completely out of your comfort zone, experiencing new sights, sounds, and cultures, meeting people from different walks of life, and marvelling at the diversity of life. Some of my favourite trips to date have been to South Africa, Thailand, Nova Scotia, Argentina, and India. On my wish list are: Australia, Brazil, Spain, Jordan, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Jamaica…. hmmm basically every country in the world! Travel to me is life-changing, transformative, educational, and fun. I feel lighter when I travel, and more grateful when I return.

I love my city, Toronto. I enjoy going to all the festivals, whether it’s the International Festival of Authors or BuskerFest or Taste of the Danforth or Caribana. One of my favourite spots in the city is Harbourfront, where I sit with my legs dangling and almost touching the water, reading all day in the sun in the summer. I remember reading The Fountainhead that way, each day returning to that same spot. I look forward to the Toronto International Film Festival each year, where I try to see movies that otherwise may not get shown, foreign films, and films that push boundaries and shed light on provocative subjects. I love author talks at the Toronto Reference Library, the gay pride parade, and the many Indian festivals. I love going to clubs and cafes, lounges and bars, strolling through the Distillery District on a Sunday afternoon, or visiting Centre Island on a hot summer day.

I’m an optimist at heart. I have many dreams and goals for myself, and for all of us. I believe that we can live in a world where people are happy, healthy, and blissful. It may not happen for everyone in my lifetime, but I’m sure going to help try and get us there. I believe that anything is possible. That beauty and love and joy will in fact save the world.