I believe
In love, spirit, and laughter;
In the human soul, and its subtle way of
leading to the stillness within. In the beauty
of the imperfect; and in
the perfection of everything that is discarded
and called unworthy.

I believe
in the sliver of divinity in each of us;
That our reflections are not in the mirror —
And with a glimmer of recognition,
and willingness,
you can see yourself
in another.

I believe
in divine dichotomy —
That I am everywhere and yet I am nowhere;
That the seconds are ticking
but the clock has stopped;
That in order to get closer to someone,
you must focus with greater presence,
on yourself.

I believe
that there can be drama without trauma,
love without fear,
and hope without delusion. That true
patience only exists when you forget what it is
you are waiting for.

I believe
that pain provides a pathway, that sheds
light on the fragmented parts of us —
and that tears remove
what the body
no longer needs to remember.

I believe
that there are symbols that steer us,
numbers that show us
an order beyond what we can conceive.
That we construct our own realities, and that
the truth is as we see it.

13 thoughts

  1. I was in need of someone to share the truth behind my evolution, the stillness that surpasses the creative. I am blessed that I know you and that you shared the passage for those who cry within but who emit the purest light. Today, we listen and tonight we create.

    Beautifully written Mita.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mita! Knowing that this is what sits inside of you makes you such a beautiful person! Loved reading your thoughts on paper ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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