In 2019, Let Your Spirit Shine

Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope your 2019 is off to a wonderful start. Have you set any new year’s resolutions this year? Here's my list - it's actually hard to narrow it down to just 10! Overambitious much? ;-) Some of them are carry-overs from last year - the ones I didn't complete (thank god [...]

Keep Calm and Skate On

Yesterday afternoon I went skating near my house at the Kanata Beaver Pond. There is something about the motion of skating that is meditative, going around in circles, over and over and for some reason never wanting to stop. I even played with the hockey stick and puck that were left there by some kids, [...]

I Am

I am beautiful I am worthy I am raw and wild and untamed I am intelligent and rational, spiritual and intuitive I am dignified, yet when it comes to love willing to throw it all out the window. I am love incarnate. I am submissive, yet defiant; sensitive, yet callous - I long to experience [...]

I believe

I believe In love, spirit, and laughter; In the human soul, and its subtle way of leading to the stillness within. In the beauty of the imperfect; and in the perfection of everything that is discarded and called unworthy. I believe in the sliver of divinity in each of us; That our reflections are not [...]