Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope your 2019 is off to a wonderful start. Have you set any new year’s resolutions this year? Here’s my list – it’s actually hard to narrow it down to just 10! Overambitious much? ;-) Some of them are carry-overs from last year – the ones I didn’t complete (thank god I had included turning 39 – I got that one done!).

Speaking of last year, it’s good to reflect on the past year and the highs and lows. It was quite a tumultuous year for me, with many high points and a few big crashes. I spent the year in Ottawa, started a new job, did quite a bit of writing, and worked on myself, my health, and relationships. Here’s to looking forward to 2019 and all it has to offer.

2019 Resolutions

  1. Complete my Creative Writing Certificate at The University of Toronto – it’s my final year, and I’m so thrilled to be working with my mentor Ranjini George to edit and finalize this labour of love. 20,000 words – took forever to write but I’m almost there!
  2. Sing! Let it all out – straight from the heart. Singing is something I’ve fallen more and more in love with. My fave songs to sing are Colors of the Wind, Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman, and anything by Adele.
  3. Celebrate my 40th Birthday in style, with people I love. I can’t believe I’m turning 40 this year! Along with a bunch of my friends. Like. Really. Can’t. Believe. It.
  4. Strut my stuff on the runway – I LOVE TO MODEL! – Last year’s show in Almonte was fantastic, and this year I am modelling again for my friend Anokhee and SheSpoke Clothing, at the Capital Catwalk in Ottawa. Can’t wait!
  5. Continue to blog and write more short stories, poems, and essays. I’m in love with writing.. so fun and makes me feel so not like an engineer. I’m hoping I get 25,000 hits on my blog this year!
  6. Visit a place I haven’t been before. Quebec City maybe?
  7. Take part in Walk In Her Shoes (last year was phenomenal – we raised over $150 K for CARE, and I got to chat with Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau – I hope she’s there again this year!)
  8. Read The Spark by Kristine Barnett – My mom and sister have been telling me to read this book for ages, an inspiring autobiography of a mother who moves mountains to help her autistic son, Jacob, to nurture his genius.
  9. Dance, smile, and laugh a lot… and learn to let go – this is a repeat of last year! A life goal actually.
  10. Go out with the hot spot hotties!

Also here are a few foundational things that are important to do on an ongoing basis, that set the stage for accomplishing any goal, and ensuring that I live healthily and happily.

Tools/Ongoing Practice:

  1. Eating healthy & cooking lots
  2. Regular meditation and yoga practice (twice/week)
  3. Spending lots of time in nature
  4. Face-timing my grandparents
  5. Lots of laughter!

I’d love to hear your resolutions if you have any!! It’s always easier to get things done with the support of others, and especially knowing that the universe has your back.

Sing your hearts out and make 2019 your best year yet!


4 thoughts

  1. Great list Mita. Love that you’ve included KPIs on some of them :). Good luck with it all and yes we must seriously celebrate 40!
    Love, SD.

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  2. It sounds like you have accomplished so much last year and tried new many new things. Amazing. Happy New Year and good luck with all your resolutions! May this year be even better than the last.
    Hugs. Magda

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