In this blog I plan to share my adventures here in Toronto and around the world, my feelings and insights, opinions, thoughts on feminism, spirituality/religion, human rights, world events, volunteering, meditation/yoga, and many many book reviews. You will meet many exciting characters along the way. Don’t be surprised if you see yourself here! If I run into you, I will probably describe my encounter with you, because I love running into people!

The series ADVENTURES IN THE SIX refers to my adventures around the city of Toronto. WALK IN HER SHOES is a series featuring my yearly walk committed to CARE Canada’s Walk In Her Shoes campaign. TRAVEL includes my blog posts from around the world. SHE’S COME UNDONE is kind of a surprise section, that will contain some of my wildest moments of letting it all go. GOALS AND DREAMS is a section devoted to my plans for the future, which will hopefully align with other people’s plans – who knows what we can all accomplish together?!

I will also post videos of myself as I tour the city and reveal hidden talents that I am ready to share with the world!

This blog was inspired by last year’s Walk In Her Shoes event, a campaign for CARE Canada that raises awareness and funds for women and girls in the developing world, that deserve the right to education, safety, and opportunity to thrive and have their voices heard. Every day for one week I walked 10 km and shared my experiences on Facebook. I met so many interesting characters along the way, including Victor the street artist, Mirco who was working with Because I Am A Girl, the ladies at Balzac’s, and others. I was amazed that people actually responded to my posts, and told me to write a blog!

I live a life surrounded by beauty and grace, and I want to bring attention to it. I often feel like my life is like a movie, with so many serendipitous happenings and beautiful moments that make time stand still. As my idol Beyoncé says, life is but a dream.

The title She’s Come Undone is inspired by one of my favourite books by Wally Lamb. It’s about a woman who becomes undone because of a traumatic experience, yet somehow delves deep within herself to find authenticity amidst the ruins. I love the name She’s Come Undone because it’s sexy with just a touch of madness (“just like you!” my friend Sandi said when I told her the title). It symbolizes letting loose, revealing, becoming slightly unhinged, and living in vulnerability. What lies beneath it all?

I’ve experienced a lot of pain and darkness in my life, and I would like to share in this blog some insights from this journey. This will happen over time as I become more comfortable because it is difficult to talk about and I tend to hold back. I want to have the courage to share some of my darker moments, even as I’m experiencing them. I want to have the courage to speak the truth no matter how painful or how beautiful.

Hope you enjoy this blog and come along with me for this beautiful journey called life!