I chose this title for my blog because I loved the book with the same name –  it’s about a girl that becomes slightly unravelled. Kind of like me. I have to read it again and figure out what it is that is revealed, what is it that lies underneath it all. Underneath all the lies and beliefs and stories that we tell ourselves. What is at your very core? I have been trying to peel back the layers for so long, and it’s difficult because it’s all a mystery. Coming undone is also letting loose, not caring so much about what other people think, exposing your heart and vulnerabilities. Allowing madness to enter your life. I have come undone in many ways; here’s to putting myself back together again, or realizing that I am already whole.

Here’s a definition I found on english.stackexchange.com that works well:


Be careful with that gift. If it comes undone, they’ll be able to see inside. Yes it’s true. My whole life I’ve wanted to hide what’s inside, the vulnerable heart, the sensitivity, insecurities, the deep desire for everyone to be happy. If you see inside, then what is left of me?

A plan can come undone meaning it hasn’t worked as expected. A person can come undone meaning that they have lost their composure or self-control. Lately it seems that I’ve made all kinds of plans, and life has taken me on a different route. A route that I have ultimate faith in, but is terrifying and often feels like everything is falling apart. I’ve lost my composure, and although I maintain a pretty good outward appearance, on the inside it’s been somewhat of a disaster. A wondrous mix of disaster and bliss.

And there is this definition, about becoming undone by accident and no longer binding to anything.


It opens by accident and no longer binds to anything.  This represents the state of being free of everything, unbounded, boundless, limitless. A deep realization that the essence of who you are is everything that is, and that everything is exactly how it should be. Most of the time I am bound to people, things, responsibilities, emotions, self-concepts, the past, the future, my appearance, my body, etc. And then there are moments when I feel completely still, and all the noise settles. Moments of pure stillness. Do I have to become undone to experience the Truth of Who I Really Am?



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