This is Africa

This morning I find myself reminiscing about my trip to Africa in 2008. What a glorious, beautiful time it was. The zebra stretches its patterned neck into the sky,while the giraffe meets its friends across the water. I think that it is an illusion, as I sip my coffee on the verandah, and watch its [...]

Walk In Her Shoes 2019

It's Sunday evening and I'm feeling so inspired as I reflect on the last few days. On Friday, International Women's Day, I participated in Walk In Her Shoes for the 8th year. It comes straight from the heart, and I know this because without fail, the evening before the walk (or the day after), I [...]

Anemone: Beauty in Simplicity

The wordpress theme that I use for my blog is called anemone. Although I've changed the theme many times, looking for the perfect layout, I always come back to this one. It's simple, beautiful, and displays well both on the computer screen and on mobile devices. Lately I've been seeing the word 'anemone' a lot, [...]

Let’s Talk

Anxiety and depression. The two words have become such a part of my identity that sometimes they lose meaning. Sometimes I forget to talk about them and acknowledge that others are suffering too (it can’t be as bad as mine I think). Sometimes I look at others and wonder if they have inner demons too, [...]

Mary Oliver: A Celebration of Life

One of my favourite poets, Mary Oliver, passed away yesterday at age 83 from lymphoma. Her poems have a way of speaking to the deepest truths inside of you, in a way that makes you dream, burst with joy, and sometimes makes you reflect with sadness. She didn't have an easy life - she grew [...]