Thank You!

I woke up this morning feeling fully of energy, as well as anxiety - the two go hand in hand for me it seems. I spent the evening at my neighbour's place, working on a demo we're putting together for the upcoming Salesforce conference in Toronto. I'm not sure how it happened all so fast, [...]

Every day is a holi-day

I wrote this yesterday, didn't get around to posting! Happy first days of spring! It's the first day of spring! Well according to the calendar, not so much based on the piles of snow that stand like fortresses as I drive through the streets of my neighbourhood. It is also Holi, a hindu holiday full [...]

There is no word for home

I'm sitting at home, typing away on this old wooden desk, with the sun streaming in - deceivingly, because I know it's frigid outside. I'm reminded of how much I love to write, and how it feels so much like home. These past few weeks have been crazy! I started a new job as a [...]

A Star Is Born

Oh what a lazy day! Actually not so much lazy, but more cozy. My mom and I both slept in after sleeping for 12 hours (sleeping beauties for sure!) and then I made yummy blueberry pancakes for breakfast, with hemp seeds and cinnamon. I also tried to make a beaver-tail like pancake with lemon, cinnamon, [...]

A Night Owl at Morning Owl

I'm sitting at Morning Owl Café in Kanata, the sun is shining in through the window and soft jazz music is playing in the background. My favourite barista Hannah just served me a brownie and latte, that I sip while reading my friend Veena's thesis about the stories of Indian immigrant women who have come [...]

Roland’s Visit to Kanata!

Today was a fun day! I met up with my friend Roland who is visiting Ottawa for seven days. He flew in from Iqaluit on Thursday. His goal is to visit all the provinces and territories before he dies. He's 66 years old, an amazing photographer, and a passionate world traveller. I met him through [...]

A Fun-Filled Day

Yesterday was a super packed day!! I spent the day downtown Ottawa, where I attended the Ottawa Art Gallery's grand opening, strolled through the streets, enjoyed my tea and reading time at Chapters, met up with my friends Hetal and Manasa for a yummy dinner at Aroma Meze, and then went to a session at [...]