I woke up this morning feeling fully of energy, as well as anxiety – the two go hand in hand for me it seems. I spent the evening at my neighbour’s place, working on a demo we’re putting together for the upcoming Salesforce conference in Toronto. I’m not sure how it happened all so fast, but somehow I’m a partner at Evolving Sales, working alongside my neighbour Kevin to save the world through Salesforce (haha! We will definitely have to come up with a better slogan).

Recently I checked the stats on my blog, and I’m at over 20,000 hits and 200 followers!! Thank you to all of you for reading and encouraging me over the years. I remember back in 2015 when I was writing in the closet, not sharing my posts with a single soul, until my amazing friends threw a ‘blog launch’ party for me. Seriously who does that?! It helped me to be less self-conscious with my writing, and feel like I had something to share with the world. So thank YOU!!

This morning I awoke to my favourite sound, the sound of rain (which I’m hoping melts away the snow)… I read in bed for a bit, had my morning McCafe coffee, and now gearing up for the full day ahead. I thought of last night’s spectacular performance by Chrissy Metz at the Country Music Awards. What a voice!

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