I wrote this yesterday, didn’t get around to posting! Happy first days of spring!

It’s the first day of spring! Well according to the calendar, not so much based on the piles of snow that stand like fortresses as I drive through the streets of my neighbourhood. It is also Holi, a hindu holiday full of colours and joy. But as my Mom would say, every day is a holi-day. :-)

Portrait Of Young Indian Woman Dancing During Holi

I started this first day of spring having bagels and tea with my Mom and reading a bit of the memoir, Paris in Love, by Eloisa James. Eloisa sells her house, takes a sabbatical, and moves her family to Paris. Eloisa is a famous romance writer whose pen name is Mary Bly. She reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Gilbert in terms of her writing style. She is diagnosed with cancer and because of her vast experience in reading memoirs, she waits for that cathartic moment that never arrives.

I immediately started anticipating the epiphany when I would be struck by the acute beauty of life. I would see joy in my children’s eyes (rather than stark rebellion), eschew caffeine, and simply be, preferably while doing yoga in front of a sunset. My better, less irritable self would come out of hiding, and I would stop wasting time at the computer and sniping at my husband. I have cancer… but the good news is that I will learn to live in the moment.

Eloisa James, Paris in Love

Then I was out and on the road, visiting businesses, and discovering new places. It’s funny, yesterday I entered some info on my profile for Salesforce, and it asked me what my favourite badge was (you get different badges depending on what level you achieve) – I had a hard time choosing between ‘Explorer’ and ‘Adventurer’ – I would say a little bit of both!

I visited the Heart & Soul café, and caught up with Jim and met some amazing ladies who told me about the Rural Root theatre company and the Carp Wildlife Refuge. I had a yummy vegetarian sandwich, loaded with peppers and avocados and cheese, and the best latte ever.

On my way out, I dropped some change into this basket and grabbed my “Dunrobin Strong” bracelet.

Dunrobin Strong bracelets for tornado relief fund

It’s amazing how the community has come together after the tornado! Especially the kids, they have spearheaded so many fundraising efforts, in order to provide support and rebuild.

I also visited a Buddhist temple nestled deep in the woods, and met a Buddhist monk in an orange robe from Thailand. It was like a dream!

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