Every day is a holi-day

I wrote this yesterday, didn't get around to posting! Happy first days of spring! It's the first day of spring! Well according to the calendar, not so much based on the piles of snow that stand like fortresses as I drive through the streets of my neighbourhood. It is also Holi, a hindu holiday full [...]

There is no word for home

I'm sitting at home, typing away on this old wooden desk, with the sun streaming in - deceivingly, because I know it's frigid outside. I'm reminded of how much I love to write, and how it feels so much like home. These past few weeks have been crazy! I started a new job as a [...]

Let’s Talk

Anxiety and depression. The two words have become such a part of my identity that sometimes they lose meaning. Sometimes I forget to talk about them and acknowledge that others are suffering too (it can’t be as bad as mine I think). Sometimes I look at others and wonder if they have inner demons too, [...]


What does it mean to allow yourself to feel vulnerable? To be vulnerable is an act of courage in itself, because it is an extremely uncomfortable to let your true emotions show, to wear your heart on your sleeve, to ask for help when you need it. However, the upside is that you live deeply [...]