What does it mean to allow yourself to feel vulnerable?

To be vulnerable is an act of courage in itself, because it is an extremely uncomfortable to let your true emotions show, to wear your heart on your sleeve, to ask for help when you need it. However, the upside is that you live deeply and authentically, and even though you are more likely to ’embarrass’ yourself or make mistakes, the growth through vulnerability is priceless and will last a lifetime.

Vulnerability is the cornerstone of confidence.
– Brene Brown

vulnerability - definition.png

My most vulnerable experience to date has been telling a man that I loved him, even though I knew at the time that I would likely not hear it back (although I secretly hoped that I would). Deep down I know that it was the right thing to do (I think!), even though it doesn’t always feel like that when I reflect on it.

What is your experience of vulnerability? Is it something you allow yourself to feel, or do you try and shy away from it?

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