Here are some of my favourite blogs on the net, not listed in any particular order. Whenever I’m in need of some inspiration, I have a cup of coffee (or tea) and start reading!

Vaishali Patel Psychotherapy

My friend Vaishali writes about Superwoman Syndrome, our relentless pursuit of perfection and the pressure of having it all together as a woman. She offers great advice on how to find a sense of balance and be true to yourself.

Gosia Art

This raw, straight-from-the-heart blog was written by my friend Gosia, who shares her deepest fears, pains, loves, and joys. She is unafraid to share the worst of it, and doesn’t attempt to paint ugly things as beautiful. Reading this will open up your heart. Gosia passed away in 2021, and her words are everything to me.

Born to Blog

I love this blog! It’s written by one of my writing teachers, Beth Kaplan, and serves as an example for me on how to be truthful and share the everyday ordinary things of life. She takes us with her throughout her days – and it’s as if we are right there with her.

Breath of Henna

This blog is written by my friend Sarah, who is an extremely talented henna artist and creative soul. Her poetry is beautiful and lyrical, her henna breathtaking, and photos of her work and collaborations out of this world.

Life with Greyson + Parker

This blog is written by Chrissy, who is a ‘wife, Mom, writer, picture taker, and World Changer.’ She is a mother of two boys with autism, and she writes candidly about her struggles and joys in raising them.


Mayahood is a blog about motherhood, by a Mom who is dedicated, creative, and hilarious. She shares her experience of motherhood and takes us along for the journey.

Sadhguru’s Blog

Written by Sadhguru, an enlightened soul committed to changing the world. He brings ancient wisdom to modern times. His insights into human nature and achieving our true potential are life-changing. It is a treat to read his exuberant poems, a medium he uses to express his profound wisdom and grace.

Untold Thoughts

This blog is written by Meenakshi, who shares her experiences as a woman, mother, and wife, with thoughtful insight and a lot of courage.