Yesterday my friend Tiffany and I were walking on our way to get take-out, and she stopped in her tracks at the sight of a beautiful Ginkgo Tree. She said, “Oh I have to have this!” and cut off a couple branches so she could take it home and add it to her collection of plants.

ginkgo tree leaves in Yonghe Lamasery, Beijing, China

She said that the tree turns a beautiful shade of yellow in the fall. And then soon after, all the leaves suddenly drop at once – sometimes all on the same day! I can’t wait to see that happen.

yellow ginkgo tree in Geneva

The plant has a distinct Asian look about it, each leaf reminds you of a Japanese fan. They are very tough and thick and quite neat to touch.

closeup of leaves on a ginkgo biloba tree

Tiffany put the plant in a pottery vase – I’m going to do the same. My new place is coming together slowly… it’s so tiny that I have to be pretty creative with making everything fit – especially all my clothes and books! Right now all I have is an air mattress to sleep on, a desk and a stool, and a few suitcases. I positioned my desk to face the window so that I can look out at trees while I work rather than staring at a wall. It’s so nice to have a balcony too, which gets lots of sunlight in the afternoon.

Every day has been an adventure here… today I went to Purple Penguin Cafe, which is known for its amazing apple fritters. My favourite cafe so far is Boxcar Social – it’s open and airy and so elegantly done.

Boxcar Social, Riverside

I’m so looking forward to a TO fashion week event tonight… a peep into some designs ahead of the big event in October. My friend Sabina is one of the models and put Amy and I on the guest list for tonight. It’s at a ‘beachside’ club by the water. Half my clothes are still in Ottawa, so I hope I find a sexy dress to wear!!! :-)

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