“I’ve only ever fallen in love with geminis” he once told me.
I flashed my eyes at him. He had my attention.
Ummmm what is that supposed to mean, I wondered. What was he
trying to tell me? Did that mean we were destined to be
together, that I was the next gemini on the list.
Did that mean that the stars had already decided long
ago, or was it all just a tease,
Meant to lead me astray.
He shook his head in disbelief as he looked at me.
He almost couldn’t believe it himself.
You know, and you’re all so similar.
Love to travel, Athletic (Really? Me?),
You want to change the world,
Well maybe he didn’t say that last one,
I just wished it.
Did that make me just like the others?
Just another gemini?
or were all the others
just a dry run
For me.


I want to believe
his soul is just
like mine –
he thinks the same,
feels the same
loves the same.

Does he wonder
in wisps of thought
like I do? Does he light
up when another feels
happy? (the smile on their
faces giving away their joy).

I try not to forget what I know
to be true.
How easily I forget my
knowledge of the
human heart,
How readily I mistrust my
faith in the good,
and let my anxieties
drown out the truth.

“More issues than vogue” I once
read on a t-shirt
It reminds me of him.
Then again,
it reminds me of me.

I find myself wishing him
all good things,
in between the
curses. Love, joy, and
I know he lives a life of wonder.
Yet still I wonder.