I want to believe
his soul is just
like mine –
he thinks the same,
feels the same
loves the same.

Does he wonder
in wisps of thought
like I do? Does he light
up when another feels
happy? (the smile on their
faces giving away their joy).

I try not to forget what I know
to be true.
How easily I forget my
knowledge of the
human heart,
How readily I mistrust my
faith in the good,
and let my anxieties
drown out the truth.

“More issues than vogue” I once
read on a t-shirt
It reminds me of him.
Then again,
it reminds me of me.

I find myself wishing him
all good things,
in between the
curses. Love, joy, and
I know he lives a life of wonder.
Yet still I wonder.

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