Today was an amazing day. It started off with a session at the International Festival of Authors about short story writing. After that session I went to one with Christian Bok, who translates poems into genomes. The last session of the day was called “Modern Refugee” and it featured three authors that write about the experiences of refugees. I was inspired by the words of Giuseppe Catozzella, who talked about how we will transcend our differences and find a better way to connect with one another, recognizing that we are all the same. That at one point, we all came from somewhere else to the land that we are living in now.

After that I met up with my friend Neesha and we walked around harbourfront. It was absolutely beautiful and magical. We felt like we were in our favourite show “Once Upon a Time”.

While we were walking back along Queens Quay, we stumbled upon the most spectacular cabaret show called Empire. It was a fantastically shocking experience. Full of sex and humour and magic and acrobatics and it also had a spiritual element. I can’t even write about it because my mind is still blown. Here are some of the amazing pictures that Neesha took:

The guy that balanced the pieces of wood with a feather at the end confounded me. How did he do that? Were there magnets on the pieces of wood? How did he balance everything like that? So incredibly cool and shows the tremendous power that lies within us.


Overall a spontaneous Sunday filled with many beautiful moments! Oh I forgot to mention the stunning full moon. Makes sense that there was a full moon because I was high off some crazy universal energy.


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