A lazy Sunday. I slept in until 11 (11:11 AM when I rolled over and checked the time).  I woke up to little Alexander knocking on the door saying “Miiiiiittta… are you awake?” and then he came in and jumped into bed with me, with my friend Gosia (his mother) in tow. They made me some coffee and I spent the morning colouring with Alexander. He made me a beautiful card!! Here is a picture:


Then the three of us went to the Christmas Market in the Distillery. It was beautiful. Santas and elves and gingerbread houses and snowmen, and a larger than life Christmas tree, covered with red ribbon that extended out into the sky. In the centre square there was an orchestra playing “I want a Hippopautomus for Christmas” (Alexander’s favourite song). Pure magic. I bought Alexander a stained-glass butterfly for his Christmas gift. He was so thrilled! He is working on it right now and is going to surprise me with it when he’s done.

I can’t believe Alexander and Gosia are moving! It’s been a wonderful two years having them live down the hall from me. Walking back and forth between each other’s places, late night teas and discussions about books, dinners together, and always knowing that the other is just down the hall. It’s the end of the era. I’m so excited for Gosia and Daniela. They are renting a house together on the Danforth. It actually has fig trees!!! I can’t wait for many more beautiful memories that will be created there.


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