Today I finished reading “Better Than Before” by Gretchen Rubin, a book about habits. I loved this book because Gretchen reminds me a lot of myself, a little neurotic and obsessed with the process of self-transformation. How do we continually strive to make ourselves better while at the same time living life fully, as if everything is exactly as it should be?

A few years ago I left my job in order to pursue my other passions, and also to develop some new habits that will transform my life. Here are a few that I’ve put into place:

1) Daily meditation
2) Toastmasters
3) Walking long distances each day

These three habits have the power to transform my life. For years I’ve avoided attending toastmasters, because I felt that it wasn’t useful or I didn’t need it or I didn’t want to put in the effort, but the truth is, that there are many instances that I want to speak up and I struggle to find my voice. I want to speak out about injustice and the right for every person to live freely, and sometimes I struggle to find the words. Especially when things are emotional for me,  I find it difficult to express myself authentically.

Is it possible to be better than before, through something as simple as changing your everyday habits? I hope so! I will test it out and let you know.

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