I just finished listening to a CBC radio documentary about Lorelai Williams, who is an advocate for missing and murdered aboriginal women. She has experienced a lot of trauma and loss in her life, and even though she finds it extremely difficult to listen to the stories of violence and injustice, she faces it every day. It is amazing how she has turned into an advocate and leader, and is the person that people turn to to speak on their behalf. It was a heartbreaking story. Near the end there is a person she works with that talks about how she and the others are all ‘warrior women’. Which was striking because today was my class on the Goddess Durga, the warrior goddess, power incarnate, victory incarnate, and the representation of good over evil.

As usual Raj Balkaran was on fire! [Ok I just took a break to watch the Superbowl Halftime Show, and damn.. Beyoncé was on fire! I love the ending so much – the entire stadium spells out “I Believe In Love”]. Back to Durga. She empowers individuals to find their own power. There is a myth where she induces Lord Vishnu (the Preserver God) into a deep slumber prior to the creation of the universe. Two demons arise from Vishnu who threaten to vanquish Brahma (the Creator), who then pleads with Durga to destroy the demons. She instead leaves him so that he can awaken and vanquish the demons on his own. Raj used the metaphor of ‘Give a man bread or teach him how to bake’. Empowerment is about enabling the person to uncover their greatest potential on their own. Without dependency. This is difficult for people who like to feel needed. It is definitely difficult for me at times!

Tomorrow I’m going to do my weekly Walk In Her Shoes and I’m thinking I’m feeling a bit better about it. There are a lot of things I’m doing in life right now that I haven’t fully processed and this commitment is one of them. I was reminded in today’s class that the power within is the most potent force to transform oneself and the world. Which is why the message of “I Am Powerful” resonates so much with me. Here is what I initially posted when I did the 50 KM last year.

WP_000807 (Small)

“She has the power to change her world. You have the power to help her do it.”

It’s that time of year again… Walk In Her Shoes! This year I’ll be walking 50 km, over the course of the week. This is my fourth walk!

I love the messaging of this campaign: I Am Powerful. It focuses on a woman’s inherent power to overcome adversity and realize her true potential. Once a woman’s power is unleashed, it transforms her own world, the lives of those closest to her, and her entire community. It is an unstoppable force that is capable of transforming the world. Join me and let’s walk this road together!






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