Walk In Her Shoes 2019

It's Sunday evening and I'm feeling so inspired as I reflect on the last few days. On Friday, International Women's Day, I participated in Walk In Her Shoes for the 8th year. It comes straight from the heart, and I know this because without fail, the evening before the walk (or the day after), I [...]

An Indomitable Force

Every year I take part in CARE Canada’s Walk In Her Shoes, an event that raises awareness about what women and girls go through in developing countries, and that supports women’s empowerment projects. This story describes my walk in Ottawa in 2018. I wasn’t feeling it this time around. I was in a new city [...]

Home Is Wherever I’m With You

Wow I can't believe I'm finally getting around to posting this - it feels like it's been forever since I've been on this site!! I wrote this on Dec.3, but then my computer died before I got a chance to post it * * * Sitting at the Starbucks at the MARS Centre, listening to [...]

What If God Was One Of Us

I'm at the Jimmy's Coffee across the street from Raju's, and I just adore this place! Three floors, mostly full of hipsters... definitely not 9-5ers. I'm sitting here with my latte and book (If Nuns Ruled the World), at the long wooden table on the second floor. I love these tables because it makes me [...]