It’s Sunday evening and I’m feeling so inspired as I reflect on the last few days. On Friday, International Women’s Day, I participated in Walk In Her Shoes for the 8th year. It comes straight from the heart, and I know this because without fail, the evening before the walk (or the day after), I feel this strange peace wash over me, as if everything is still and I’m steeped in gratitude. I think that’s how it is when you connect to the most genuine parts of yourself.

For me, this journey has not only been about supporting women’s rights and especially the courageous women and girls in developing countries who are not given the opportunities that many of us take for granted, but to realize that together, we truly can make a difference.

Here are a few pics from the walk!

Some friends I made along the way
The reason I walk!
Gillian Barth, CEO of CARE Canada, and I

Here is some video coverage of the event, as well as my interview – it starts at around 26:40. (But if you have time, this entire show is great – The Power of Women’s Anger!).

CPAC Coverage of Walk In Her Shoes

For the first time probably, I didn’t complete the entire 10,000 steps… but I think that 10,000 spread out over the week is ok! :-) I raised $370 which is great, but still hoping for a few more donations to bring it to my goal of $500!

On International Women’s Day, my friend Saira Hussain published this beautiful photo of a photo shoot that I took part in almost a year ago, called ALL WOMAN UNIVERSE. Ten women who are pushing boundaries, shifting dialogue, and embodying the concept of the universal woman… vulnerable, raw, and powerful. I am so happy with how it turned out!

ALL Woman Universe, project by the lovely Saira Hussain

The white henna that we are each adorned with represents the strands of DNA that run through each of us, that connect us and remind us that we are all one. Saira chose to place the henna on each of us on a body part that represents our strengths… for me she chose the hands for writing, for Zahra, it was the arms for strength, one woman who was a mother had her stomach done to represent the womb, and Roveena had her mouth done to embody her beautiful singing voice. I can’t wait for the rest of the pics to come out!

This evening I am one tired woman… can’t wait for my head to hit the pillow so that I’m ready for the busy week ahead.

Happy Women’s Day to all you ladies out there! :-)

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