Week 44! It was Halloween. I stayed late at work that night to write my blog post from the week before (So True) and it felt good to remember and be more present than usual. I was the last one to leave. I walked home along Queen and decided to walk North on Crawford. It took a few ghosts and ghouls passing by me to realize that it was in fact Halloween. I passed by a pumpkin carved into the face of Donald Trump, cleverly called a “Trumpkin”. It scared me, not just because it was scary, but because I was reminded that Trump could actually be the next president of the United States (what?!!). I will be watching the election on Tuesday night at my friend Sheldon’s election party (he is renting out his office space at Infusion to host 100 of us!!)… biting my nails along with the rest of you. It will be a historic night indeed.

“Trumpkin”, Crawford Street on Halloween

I passed by some cool graffiti on the way home – someone had written “Love Is The Answer” along the side of a building on Queen (feature image). I sent it to Home Base (chat group with the girls), and then continued on home to Raju’s. Tomorrow I’m heading to Samir and Shannon’s place in the Distillery… they are leaving for India to get married and are letting me stay there for the next few weeks! K better get some sleep… I have to work tomorrow!






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