Recap of Monday’s walk, which I haven’t gotten around to writing about until now! Clearly need to organize my time better. The kids at the Ronald McDonald House (where I tutor on Wednesdays) listed ‘organizational’ skills as one of the most important in their career-building activity today, and I agree that it is very important to be well-organized, otherwise your life can feel like a bit of a disaster.

It was beautiful weather on Monday, and I walked up University, past 525, and up to Queen’s Park. There was a big crowd gathered so I stopped and asked what it was about. A friendly man in the crowd told me that it was for an appearance by Prince Harry, who was in town to promote the Invictus Games, which are being held in Toronto next year. The name Invictus is Latin for “unconquered, undefeated.” The games are for wounded, injured, or sick veterans to compete in sporting events, and are a wonderful event that bring people together, show the power of perseverance and the indomitable human spirit, and generate lots of excitement and goodwill. Prince Harry was inspired to start these games after his time serving in Afghanistan.

I waited for maybe half an hour, and saw him arrive in big black SUVs. Unfortunately we just saw the back of his head and everyone was pretty disappointed.

However if I’d waited an another hour for him to leave, I would’ve been able to meet him along with these lucky people!

The games help veterans heal not only from physical injuries, but in terms of their mental health and PTSD. It is interesting that the motto for the games is “I AM”, as in I AM Invictus, unconquerable. I AM is also the most creative statement in the universe – anything that follows these two words will change the way you think and feel.

Following my Prince Harry failed sighting, I walked along Yonge street, and passed by Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

IMG_3735 (2).JPG

At Balzac’s I ran into Isaac who gave me a long explanation of the dangers of drinking tap water because of the fluoride content. He seems to be very knowledgeable about this stuff! I also ran into Elizabeth, who is a woman that walked the Camino, an 800 KM trek from France to Spain. She told me about an article she was interviewed for, which got published in the Star this week! She advocates for a better justice system that is easier to navigate and more cost-friendly (she herself had to pay over $100,000 over the last 7 years in family court). We also talked about getting over heartbreak, and how physical exercise helps in getting your power back.

Coincidentally, I was at the part in The Underground Girls of Kabul where Jenny talks about women and sports in Afghanistan, and how women are held back in this area because it is not appropriate; it may make them too masculine, too competitive. Women are instead expected to be spectators at men’s sporting events. But the real reason is something deeper, that has to do with the patriarchy and the position of men in segregated societies.

A woman who feels her own physical strength may be inspired to think she is capable of other things. And when an entire society is built on gender segregation, such ideas could cause problems for those who would like to hold on to wealth and power.

On the way home I stopped at Chapters to pick up a card for Mom, and ran into Rahim and Monika. It was nice to have some company on my walk home!




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