I’m sitting listening to beautiful jazz music playing at the harbourfront. It’s a gorgeous day, and I’ve been home for most of it trying to prepare for my interview on Wednesday. I did take a break and went to Nathan Philips square, which was all set up for the TD Jazz festival this week. Looking forward to seeing Michael Franti perform on Canada Day.

Monday’s walk was different than many of the previous ones, because I wore my Walk In Her Shoes t-shirt and played One Billion Rising in the morning and cried. A lot of memories came flooding back. It’s amazing what wearing the right outfit can do. I bought the Prisoner of Tehran from Chapters (using the gift card that Shez got me for my birthday). It is written by Marina Nemat who is a torture survivor. She was imprisoned at the notorious Evin Prison in Iran at age 16, for speaking out in her class and saying that she would rather be learning about calculus than religion. Her story is harrowing and intense, and I’m looking forward to reading her memoir.


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