Garish ghosts roam the streets
It’s ghouls night out, where the demons meet
Imaginary feats that test our limits
Can you tell if it’s hoax or gimmick?

Wonder Woman and Harry Potter roll their eyes
At chips and pop, from under disguise
They tip-toe past the toppled graves
And make their way to neighbourhood faves

Store-bought skeletons share an umbrella
Under gloomy clouds and thunder’s bellows
The moon casts a spell, and darkness pulls
Amidst silent owls and shrieking gulls

Projected movies play on screens downstairs
Dark stories flicker and raise audience hairs
REDRUM, a son repeats with rhotic rage
He scrawls the letters as he grips the blade

Around the world, horrors proliferate
Floods and feuds, fear and hate
Some say it’s a pumpkin, but it looks like a trumpkin
It’s not a trick or treat, but another tweet
Will he expire at midnight?

The last child leaves, his bag full to the brim
The skeleton chuckles, as the rain comes in

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