The soft sheets,
the warmth of the morning light,
Grateful for another day.
Remnants of dreams swim through my mind –
He asked if I wanted to board the train with him,
and I had refused.
Glared at him.
But why did I do that? I think, and then Poof,
the image disappears,
his black coat fades;
And I no longer remember what I dreamed of.
I snuggle deeper.

The scent of coffee reaches my senses,
but still I do not rise;
Glancing at the clock, and
hoping that 8:32 AM will stay
etched that way forever.
My phone buzzes beside me…. Dare I look?
And examine the flood of emails;
The messages, that contain
last night’s memories.
I snuggle deeper.

To snooze or not to snooze,
That is the question.
I hear a car door slam shut,
The sound of “You forgot something!”
I can picture his hurried steps –
robe still on, delivering her lunch.
The chatter of neighbours heading to work.
I snuggle deeper.

My to-do list is slowly invading my mind;
Each item marches to its own rhythm.
Apply for job.
Do laundry.
RSVP to wedding invitation.
Don’t text him.
I snuggle deeper.

I hear sparrows chirping outside,
What are they saying?
I formulate their words,
Imagine one asking the other,
“Doesn’t the sun feel good?” “Can you believe it’s November?”
“Don’t you have a doctor’s appointment this morning?”
I get up.

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