It’s been awhile since I’ve written a poem in my favourite form, the triolet. I love free form poetry, but I also enjoy writing based on a particular structure, where the rules are defined (rhyming, rhythm, alliteration), and all you have to do is imagine and play with the words until it all comes together. And voila, like magic, you have a poem!

This poem was inspired by a concept I learned in Conversations with God (my go-to book on spirituality) and also the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Hindu scripture that details the philosophy of life. The main concept is that your journey back to yourself, to the source, back to God, is certain, it’s just that the route is uncertain – will you take the scenic route, the more direct route, will you take many lifetimes or just this one? How will your karma play out?

The poem also applies to general goals that we set for ourselves. The bigger and more audacious the goal is, the more likely that doubt will creep in and take over. To the point where we end up thinking, How did I think I could do this? There is no way on earth I’ll get this done. This is the time to remember the power of intention, and to have faith that your intention put forth into the universe will allow the outcome to align itself around you. It’s almost like you become an instrument in carrying it out. And no goal is achieved alone, so allow yourself to receive the help that comes your way.

Do you have a goal that you’re working on? Rest assured, it’s only a matter of speed. ;-)

You can’t not get to where you’re going
It’s only a matter of speed
My, how easily you become distracted by every beautiful thing
You can’t not get to where you’re going
Even the harshest winter one day turns to spring
There are certain things in life that you may as well concede
You can’t not get to where you’re going
It’s only a matter of speed


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