The other night on New Year’s Eve my friends and I called an Uber, and they asked me to go outside and grab it while they put on their coats. I ran outside just as it was driving away! Apparently he had to cancel unexpectedly.

We called another one, and luckily it said it would arrive in three minutes. This time I wasn’t taking any chances. I saw the car pull up and I ran outside and hopped in. He turned around and looked at me. I said, “Oh don’t worry, the other two will be coming in a second.”

He said, “No, but…”

I said, “There’s only three of us… the guy will sit in the front.” I put on my seatbelt as I looked at the house eagerly, waiting for them to come out.

He said, “I’m trying to say I’m not an Uber! I’m picking up my daughter from that house over there.”

OMIGOD! I was so embarrassed. I said Happy New Year and jumped out. :p

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