Oh what a lazy day! Actually not so much lazy, but more cozy. My mom and I both slept in after sleeping for 12 hours (sleeping beauties for sure!) and then I made yummy blueberry pancakes for breakfast, with hemp seeds and cinnamon. I also tried to make a beaver-tail like pancake with lemon, cinnamon, and sugar, but that didn’t turn out too great!

I got caught up on my family chat messages (over 28 when I woke up!!) and sent a picture of my mom and I sans make-up, thinking we would get major compliments. “Yikes, put on some makeup!” my Dad said. Hahaha.

I had my amazing McCafe coffee, brewed at home, and skimmed through some of the books that I purchased at yesterday’s book fair at a local church. There were over 30,000 books! I had to hold myself back otherwise I probably would’ve bought them all. I got an interesting book on Creative Writing – forms and techniques, a Meditation Book, a rare old book called Ride With The Sun: Folk Tales and Stories from all Countries of the United Nations (put together by the UN Women’s Foundation in 1955), and a kid’s book called Pow-Wow Stories with a huge owl on the front.

Book Fair at Kanata United Church

For lunch I made veggie lentil soup, which was super yummy and healthy! Now I’m sitting in my messy room, procrastinating cleaning it up and getting organized. Excited to have tea with my mom soon and watch the Oscars tonight! The only one I’ve seen out of all the best-picture nominees is A Star is Born… it was pretty good, but I wouldn’t say best picture quality. However I’m probably the only person I know that didn’t love it.

Yesterday was quite an eventful day. In the morning I volunteered at the Inner Engineering program, organized by the Isha Foundation in Ottawa, and designed by Sadhguru himself.

I chopped veggies with the other volunteers while we sang the mantra “Brahmananda Swarupa”. Then I got to join in the session with the other participants, and listen to the videos and do some of the yoga and meditation practices. I was left feeling inspired and energized!

When I got home, I got a text from my friend Asha asking if I wanted to join her and her dog Lucy for a walk on this beautiful day. Hell yeah! We walked through the trails and talked and of course had a little photoshoot.

In other exciting news, my friend Yarina delivered a beautiful baby boy recently, who her and her husband named Adriano. I can’t wait to meet this little guy. It’s always a good day when a star is born. ;-)

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