This has been an exciting week for me! I had my final interview for my creative writing certificate with my mentor Ranjini, the head of the creative writing department, and a second reader… it went really well!! My final project was called “Our Reflections Are Not in the Mirror”, and was a collection of essays about the different people who have shaped me throughout my life. I received so much thoughtful feedback. It was really cool to hear my work referred to as a “manuscript” and “book”!! What a journey it’s been… will take a moment to process.

This year was initially so hopeful for me, because it’s 2020.. the year of perfect vision, but then the virus took over the world and things have been so strange. Plans on hold, compassion for all those affected, and feeling restless for life to go back to normal. It’s a general feeling that everything is delayed or on hold – as Gosia and Daisy always say, “my planets are in retrograde”.. which means that your astrological planets are going backwards, leading to troublesome areas and delays in your life. When that happens, it may seem like you are behind on everything and things are going nowhere, but in reality you just took a little detour, you took the scenic route. A moment to pause and take a deep breath. Some of your goals may need to be rethought or infused with new vision. Some of my goals for this year are:

  1. Finish my creative writing certificate – DONE! :-)
  2. Learn to develop patience and calm in situations that are out of my control
  3. Meditate daily
  4. Go out with the hot spot hotties!! (once this virus is over)
  5. Embrace the artist within (with some guidance from Julia Cameron)
  6. Read lots of good books
  7. Complete my Salesforce Administrator Certification

How have your goals been affected by the change in direction this year? Have you been able to practice gratitude throughout this time?

Yesterday I went to “happy hour” on my friend’s driveway that lives not too far from me. There were a few of us that sat on lawn chairs 6 feet apart, had a glass of wine, and caught up. On my way home I ran into my neighbours who were gardening and enjoying the nice weather, and then rushed home for my mom’s zoom class. Never a dull moment, but man I’m so ready for this whole thing to be over!!

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