I woke up feeling energized and happy, memories of last night’s dinner at Magda’s still in my mind. Great food, conversation, and a dreamy feel at Magda’s house which always makes me feel like I’m on vacation at a retreat. Well, a retreat with wine, pecan pie, and endless cups of tea.

Before dinner Magda and I went kayaking on the river at Port Credit. Three black cormorants balanced on a log that floated upon the still water – the one in the middle couldn’t resist the temptation to show off its majestic wings. A white egret cautiously lifted one thin leg after another, slowly making its way towards its prey. Swans and ducks lazily swam by, not at all bothered by the small waves we caused as we approached them. The water was more shallow than its ever been, and a couple times I hit a rock and picked up a clump of mud with my paddle. We shared stories about Gosia, and as the sun set we headed back, eager to meet Ella.

I showed them a bit of my flamenco dancing (“You’re like a professional!” Magda said… hmmm does that mean there is some hope for my plantas and tacons), and watched her daughter and friend’s spectacular gymnastics/dance performance.

I slept well last night. Probably because it’s been awhile since I’d done so much exercise in one day! In the morning I’d gone to an aerobics/strength building class at a hot yoga studio. What was I thinking?! It was part of a trial week, and even the lady at the front desk gave me a sympathetic look when I took a break halfway through class to grab some water (which didn’t actually need refilling). She said, “This is pretty intense for your second class.” No kidding! My first one was a relaxing candlelight deep stretch class, and this one was like a hot dance oven that I couldn’t escape from. The teacher was so good though. He ended the class by pointing to the neon sign that lit up one of the walls – in cursive writing, it said “I love my life” and he invited us to say it to ourselves. “It’s something we remind ourselves of,” he said. Oh yes, I would go back to loving my life as soon as I left the building.

This week is full of exciting things – a little buddy is coming to visit, I get to hear Marianne Williamson speak at the John Bassett Theatre, and there is a special ceremony happening involving sparkling water. And maybe I’ll look for the book “The Hours” by Michael Cunningham that the guy beside me at Balzac’s was reading – an interesting idea about how one’s entire life can be understood by looking at the way one lives a single day.

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