Today in dance class, we practiced a partners dance called Sevillanas. Esmeralda talked about how it was originally a courtship dance, back in a time when men would put down their jackets to cover puddles for women. The male & female whirl in the manner of two mating flamingos (not that I’ve ever seen flamingos mate but apparently it’s pretty sensual). We practiced in partners, and I forgot half the steps as I’d missed last week’s class. The key was eye contact – being able to hold your partner’s gaze as you swirled past them; not looking away even when you were close. For the married partners, she instructed the men to grab the women by the waist with zest. “You have to be passionate with your own wife!” she said. At the Seville Fair every April in Spain, sevillanas dancers grace the streets.

On my walk to class, I ran into an old friend from Ottawa who I hadn’t seen in years. She was on her way to get croissants from Geste Croissanterie, on Dundas. Probably the best croissants in the city. Inspired by Paris, run by Indian guys.

I’m at Beatrice Society on Richmond Street, an industrial two-level cafe that really does look like a secret society from the outside. I thought I knew all the coffee shops downtown, and then heard about this one and had to check it out. They make their almond milk from scratch, have great healthy food, and some adaptogens to boost your smoothies. The sign out front says “mindful cafe and wellness centre.”

Last night I went to a 90’s party where I ran into some old friends. Just like old times, I only lasted about an hour or two, happy to live close by when pretty much everyone else came from the suburbs. I hailed a cab (a real one!) in the rain that took the side streets home.

I’m dying to watch my dance performance from my brother’s wedding… I just got the link but I’m trying to study a bit first for my business process management exam tomorrow. Here is the full performance video!

As for the world, I’ve given up on the commentary for the time being. I am moving onto my inner world, with its own unique goblins and fairies. How will the goblin and fairy move together – will the fairy hold eye contact, or will she run away? Sometimes life is forgetting who your partner is, and learning to just dance.

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