Success In The First Round

Week 39! I woke up at Jasmine's place where I was staying and felt good about the day, although nervous as hell since I had an interview in the afternoon with Critical Care Services Ontario for a Senior Business Analyst position. I listened to CBC radio to keep me occupied, and made myself a simple [...]

If You Tell The Truth, You Don’t Have To Remember Anything

Last Saturday seems like forever ago, like a dream. Yet it did happen and it was wonderful. I went to the Reference Library as per my regular Saturday routine, and then got back around 5 PM to walk around Harbourfront and catch the Flamenco show presented by the Esmeralda Enrique Dance Studio, where I have [...]

When Will and Grace align, anything is possible

I woke up at around 10 am this morning, the after effects of last night's evening of magic still on my mind. My friend Gosia threw a fabulous party, where we danced and sang and enjoyed each other's company. The sounds of the guitar and the rhythms of Ella's dancing filled the room. I sang [...]