Last Saturday seems like forever ago, like a dream. Yet it did happen and it was wonderful. I went to the Reference Library as per my regular Saturday routine, and then got back around 5 PM to walk around Harbourfront and catch the Flamenco show presented by the Esmeralda Enrique Dance Studio, where I have previously taken flamenco dance classes. It’s been so long and I’m hoping to get back to it this summer or in the fall. This was the atmosphere at the Harbourfront:

Pretty chill huh?! There was lots of yummy food, including this paella which made me wish I ate meat.


There was an Aboriginal festival going on at the same time, and I approached just as an Indian chief started to speak about the seven spiritual directions. When they pray, they offer their prayers to the seven directions: East, South, West, North, Sky, Earth, and Here. The very last one struck me as he explained that the seventh direction is inside of you, the centre of your own heart. My heart has always been my greatest strength. Here is a woman performing a traditional dance – I love her movements and the drumming!! Dancing has a way of liberating your spirit and connecting you with the earth. Ok the video doesn’t seem to be uploading, I will add it another time.

I walked along University and eventually to Yonge where I encountered an awesome party for gay pride in the little park off Isabella street. It felt surreal and I was entranced by the energy and the vibe.

Got to Balzac’s where I read from Veiled Threat. It’s been hard for me to concentrate lately because of everything going on and all the uncertainty in my life so I actually have no idea what I read, but I’m sure it was inspiring and informative.

Upon leaving Balzac’s, I saw these flyers for Raja Yoga, the type of yoga that Neesha teaches. I have my whole summer to explore different things, so I’m going to try it out and let you know how it goes. I wish I could join the children’s choir to be honest. It encompasses my two favourite things: children and singing! Lately I’ve been starting the day off singing every morning, to Sam Smith’s I’m Not The Only One and The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez. I wonder if everyone on my floor can hear me. I hope I sound good!! It would be the worst to start your morning off listening to bad singing.

Flyers at Balzac’s, Yonge and Bloor

I went to Chapters after and read a bit from Joan Collins daughter’s book about her mother. I love this quote (image above) by Mark Twain: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” So true! In my interview with Cota, I was totally myself and just talked about my own personal experiences and volunteer work. I made jokes and even teared up a little. I never would have dared to “just be myself” before – isn’t that funny? Isn’t it funny that we find it so difficult to do what is completely natural – to communicate, be authentic, and express love. It is amazing how it’s been flipped around in this world where it feels more natural to hide your true self and conform to what others expect you to be.

On my way home I walked through Queen’s Park which was lovely at night as always and there was a Happy Canada Day Tribute by the Chalk Chick. She also did the Beaver – so very Canadian!

As I passed through Nathan Philips Square, I was so happy to see the TD Jazz Festival was still going on. I caught the tail end of Joe Jackson’s concert. He is a British musician who now lives in New York, and is known for his hit single “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” which he wrote in 1979, the year that I was born. Here is a clip from his performance:

I also ran into my friend Charlot at the end, which was quite a coincidence since we had decided to meet for lunch the following week. He said that the camera loves me. I guess it’s true; since I was young I have always loved to pose. Which reminds me, I need to get some headshots done – I want something good for my LinkedIn picture. I was really inspired by Sherry’s headshots awhile ago. It will be my intro back into the corporate world.

Me and Charlot, TD Jazz Festival

Finally made it home – what a day!!


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