This crazy winter has inspired me to write a few haikus (hey, that rhymes!).  In Ottawa, it’s been the snowiest January on record – close to 100 cm! Today I wanted to work from a café (I got a new part-time job as a sales rep), but there is a freezing rain warning so I’m staying indoors. It’s actually nice and quiet today, and I’m getting quite a bit done. I’ve never done sales before, so it’s a bit of a learning curve making cold calls! (“Cold” calls – get it?!) Anyway, back to haikus before I keep on rambling and making bad jokes. :-)

Freezing Rain

Slushy roads today –
Sheets of ice, fall on a slant
while cars slide sideways.

Winterlude in Ottawa

Skating the canal;
Stopping for a beaver tail,
Sculptures astound me.

Kanata Trails

Lucy runs ahead
While we walk the snowy trails
The white pond glistens.

Haikus are a form of Japanese poetry that typically follow the structure 5-7-5 (five syllables, followed by seven, followed by another seven). They are traditionally about nature, but modern day ones are about pretty much any topic.  Here is one of my favourite haiku blogs!: Lize Bard – Out of Africa.

Hope you enjoy this cold winter day!



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