In the last poetry class I took, we learned about aphorisms, which are one liners that contain a generalization about life or a topic, and are usually clever/witty and impactful. According to, an aphorism is:


There are many bloggers out there that are skilled at the art of creating these witty one liners. One of my favourites is by a woman who just goes by B.; her blog is

James Geary is another well-known aphorist, and has a vibrant TED talk called Metaphorically Speaking about how metaphors can shape the decisions we make. His bio reads as follows, a witty description in itself:

Lost jobs, wayward lovers, wars and famine — come to think of it, just about any of life’s curveballs — there’s an aphorism for it, and James Geary’s got it!

James is a professional aphorist, which means he actually makes a living coming up with these. Who would even think that’s possible? Actually my poetry teacher, George Murray, who I first learned this concept from, has been published alongside many other great aphorists in two great collections called Short Flights and Short Circuits.

Here are some aphorisms I’ve come up with. Do any of them resonate with you? :-)

Aphorisms - 2


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