In Between The Pauses

Embers of fury follow me, creating pathways into the fissures of my heart, unrelenting in the face of my determined despair. Why does the wind blow in the direction of passivity? Why do the red birds take me on a journey without any clues? The beauty of life seems to radiate the most in between … Continue reading In Between The Pauses

Never Mine

“I’ll be right there,” she said, And I knew she Didn’t really mean it. But still I waited, Anticipating that I would kick myself For allowing myself to feel that necessary but oh-so-dirty four Letter word: H O P E. I was a sucker for the game, But why did I feel That with her, … Continue reading Never Mine

A Thousand Ways

What is it about love that makes us fill the pages of our diaries, gab for hours with our girlfriends, and lose the ability to concentrate on just about anything? This little poem (in form of a triolet) describes a woman consumed by love, writing each day, inspired by her beloved. She writes of love … Continue reading A Thousand Ways