A new day. A new opportunity to make conversation with a stranger, to wish a friend happy birthday, to smile and secretly hope that your smile will be returned in kind, to tackle your to-do list, to love and to be loved. To FaceTime your sister and catch up on things that in reality would take years to catch up on. To make that neglected phone call, to share a meal with a friend or alone, but not really alone, in that much needed solitude. To think about those who have touched your life, and wonder if you may have meant as much to them, and whether they still think of you. To try and see the good in the world, and to engage in it, even when you don’t like what you see. To read another page, another chapter, hoping to devour the whole book, wishing that the day could go on forever so that you could memorize all the words. To have those moments that are so good that you want to close your eyes and freeze time, and stretch the moment further and further and draw circles around it. To collapse in your bed exhausted and spent. To dream, and to surrender to the magical act of sleep, where consciousness shifts to unconsciousness. And to start it all over again tomorrow.

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