What a wonderful Christmas day!! It was so nice spending it with my family – sleeping in, going for a drive through snowy roads, cooking together, and having a fabulous Christmas dinner (tofurkey – vegetarian style).

Me and my sister, Shirley’s Bay, Ottawa

Here is a little Christmas poem, inspired by the day, and the meaning of Christmas. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day

Snow falls softly,
amongst the evergreens.
A mother gently nudges her
children awake; while
gifts and treasures await –
On Christmas day.

Walking through the woods,
Taking pictures in the snow
Sisters laugh and pose, while
a father captures a cherished moment.
The faded sun looks on, peeking
through the treetops.

What did Santa get me? Did he listen
to my heart?
The sound of yesterday’s carols hum
in my mind, while
I close my eyes and wish anew,
for joy and love and peace to all.

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